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The following reviews have been culled from endorsements received over 20+ years by individuals whose lives Rick has touched. From his work as an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and networking expert--as well as his position as a San Diego Vistage Chair along with products like QuoteActions and his book The Referral Playbook: How to Increase Sales with Proven Networking Strategies. All help him promote his executive coaching and proprietary marketing products. 

“Rick is a masterful presenter with a solid understanding of LinkedIn and other networking strategies. He provides optimal actions for leveraging your networking and increasing your business." 

"Thanks for turning me on to using QuoteActions to stay in front of my buy-sell leads. I’ve received four referrals this month from being in the right place at the right time — in their inbox to be exact! QuoteActions are amazing easy for Realtors."

“As a member of Rick’s Vistage group, I have finally found the help I needed to solve internal team building challenges. The group helps me see the forest for the trees!”

“Rick's referral system is incredibly powerful. I had met with Rick and the net result was 17 referrals between the two of us! Thank you very much for a powerful system.”

"I'm a former Vistage chair and, prior to that a Vistage member. I also have been a participant in many groups that Rick has facilitated as well as had one-one-one conversations with him that have led to significant professional and personal insights."

"Rick Itzkowich is a networking professional recognized internationally for more than a decade shares how to be effective with networking and how to make the most of LinkedIn for what it really SHOULD be used for, and not what most people think."

"If you're at all invested in your career, you really should be taking, Rick Itzkowich, YIKES Seminar it is packed full of time saving tools. The value and effectiveness of the class is amazing and I walked away learning much more than just about linked in. Rick is a fantastic instructor and is the guru of Linked-In."


"Rick's referral system is incredibly powerful. I had a one to one with Rick and the net result was 17 referrals between the two of us! I can't wait for my next one to one with Rick, thank you very much for powerful system and for the ease on explaining the system."

Marketing meeting with copywriter, graphic designer and art director.
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