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Interviews & Presentations

Because of his wealth of experience, Rick is asked to speak on a variety of business-related topics. He might be discussing CEO exit strategies one day and next asked to talk about how to set up a measurable networking and marketing plan.


On this page you will find links to Rick's interviews and presentations.


Exit Coach Radio with Host Bill Black
Why an Exit Strategy is Not Necessarily Just for Selling Your Business -

July 30, 2020 

Rick and Bill tackle the following in this interview: how soon should a business owner plan their exit strategy; what are the benefits of planning an exit strategy so early; and what are the dangers of not having an exit strategy?

Click here to listen.

The Daily Scrawl by Atique Qureshi
45 Experts Thought on Risk Management - March15, 2020Drawing on my more than 25 years’ experience in starting, selling, and taking over companies, Rick shares how the best way entrepreneurs can manage risk is through diversification. Click here to read.

Guided by Imagination Online Event by Jennie Edwards
The Dynamic Entrepreneurs: How to Show Up Confidently, Grow Your Audience, and Make More Money For Your Business – June 11, 2019

Rick joined 21 global leaders in business to address questions like, what transformation did you experience that led you to want to share your gifts with the world, how do you use a positive mindset to achieve your goal, and more.


The ANSWER 1170AM It's Your Business Show with Host Richard Muscios
From Baseball to Business - June 2, 2019

On the country's only wealth show that never discusses money. Richard and Rick discuss a variety of business-related topics -- making sure to share Rick's The Referral Playbook and his involvement in adult baseball. Click here to listen.


EPN - The Enterprise Podcast Network with Host Eric Dye.
How to Succeed with Online and Offline Business Networking –                        February 22, 2019

Rick covers why business networking important; what is the mindset you need to be successful with top recommendations on both online and face-to-face offline networking organizations to join. Click here to listen.

The Referral Playbook Book Signing
Rick Itzkowich Hosts Breakfast Book Launch Event - December 11, 2018

Held at Miltons in Del Mar, since the beginning of Rick's journey to becoming a recognized referral networking expert began there 21 years earlier when he was President of the Del Mar Chapter of BNI with weekly meetings at Miltons.

San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance Workshop
How and Why Coaches Should Use LinkedIn to Get Clients -                    December 10, 2018

Rick shared a process to using LinkedIn--getting results in 30 minutes weekly. Provides ways to build trust, gain credibility, and generate good will.

Real Talk Carlsbad with Host Bryan Devore
Better Your Life Through Good Business Partners – October 8, 2020

On a panel of four, Rick discusses how he salespeople make networking pay off in actual sales vs. just eating tasty hors d’oeuvres at networking events with no results. Click here to view.

Weekend Workshop with Productive Learning in Long Beach
Up Your GAME! with Lindon and Rick – July 27-28, 2018

Co-founders of self-development company Productive Learning and Leisure, Lindon Crow and Rick Itzkowich, reunited for one of their dynamic duo motivational "learning vacation" workshop weekends. Always entertaining and engaging, clients came out to see and interact with the two in action.

Lighthouse Consulting Open Line Guest with Host CEO Dana Borowka  LinkedIn 4.0 – Learn About Accelerated Connectivity Like Never Before – June 21, 2018
Rick discusses the power of LinkedIn, strategies, mentoring opportunities. He asks if you are connecting effectively, what are ways you are using to connect--cold calls, door-to-door, personal introductions, and more. Click here to listen.


SkillBites Podcast Episode 22 with Host Judy Weintraub
Turning More Leads Into Customers– March 21, 2018

Rick is a million dollar plus entrepreneur, Vistage Chair, speaker and author who has developed a powerful system for generating more leads and improving the rate for converting those leads to customers. He shared several elements of that system on the show.  Click here to listen.

The ANSWER 1170AM Whissel Wednesdays Show with Host Steve Wener
Rick Itzkowich Helps Us Figure Out How to Free Up Our Time –                      November 9, 2017

Rick explains how he helps CEOs as a San Diego Vistage Chair. Essentially you have a group of CEOs in a room, and they share what's going on in their world. Different professions, yet still dealing with the same issues--helping one another arrive at solutions.

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