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Rick Itzkowich

(858) 752-3898

La Jolla, CA 92037


Use the below form to connect with me, if you are a CEO and/or business owner of a company with $1-10M plus revenues in one of the following business sectors--professional services, manufacturing, construction, healthcare. I would welcome receiving your request for more information on joining one of my peer advisory Vistage groups.


Vistage is ideal for startups, family-owned businesses, and partnerships.  I am especially suited for working with partnerships and family-owned businesses in the following business coaching situations: buying out a partner; being acquired by a larger firm; firing key employees; increasing owner's compensation; navigating through a challenging divorce; having owner go from working 80 hours/wk down to 60/hrs wk--all the while growing their business by 30% in the process.

To schedule a media interview, podcast interview, or speaking engagement, indicate your interest with dates and times in the below form.

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