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Scale of 1 to 10 on COVID-19

On a scale of 1 to 10 – where do you stand on the Coronavirus?

I guess you might say I’m a 5 . . . with 1 being a crazed COVID-19, 24/7 news fanatic and 10 being ambivalent with one’s head in the sand.

On that note . . .

I’ve been asked to share a few of my thoughts on the Coronavirus pandemic. Right now, we all need to become the voice of reason. First with our families and neighbors, and if we own a business, we need to commit to be the voice of reason for our employees, suppliers, vendors, and customers. Be a leader and an influencer. They will see and feel your attitude, demonstrating strength, purpose, and resilience.

Currently there is an overabundance of either overreaction or people disinterested and ignoring the facts.

Overreaction to News Stations
Addicted to TV COVID-19 News

We need to make sure decisions are made using the right amount of respect for the changing situations and the potential dangers. Yet, being careful to not have so much fear that it becomes paralyzing.

There’s something called fast thinking and slow thinking. Fast thinking has to do with reacting and slow thinking has to do with being able to assess the situation given the best information available and respond accordingly. Right now, exercise slow thinking it will put a check on your “gut” reactive feelings and let you move forward with a more reasoned view.

Be flexible. Adapt to the day-to-day changing circumstances. Now’s not the time to be stubborn or of a fixed mindset.

“In times of chaos you can retreat into distraction or you choose to skill up, to learn, to deepen relationships, and to continue to progress rather than pause.” – Brendon Burchard, Author

Stay safe. Be responsible. Remain vigilant regarding the health and safety of yourself, your family members, friends, employees and surrounding communities. Together we will get though this.

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