Rick Itzkowich

Rick Itzkowich is dedicated to excellence in all of his endeavors. His experience in both business and professional development make him an approachable professional business coach, advisor and mentor. One who provides expert advice based on real world experience. One who is ready to hold members accountable – while genuinely supporting them in attaining personal and professional success. Rick invites conversations and encourages engagement.


As a former CEO and business owner of two successful companies, one manufacturing and the other in professional development, he has logged more than 30,000 hours of corporate facilitation. Few executives have been formally trained on how to network effectively. The result of this is that they are "self-taught" -- which means that they may or may not be very good at it. This results in inefficiencies that cost them a lot of time. They end up getting a fraction of the results they could be getting if they had a strategy and tried and true tactics to help them.

This is where Rick makes a huge difference with his company, 501 Connections, Inc. Rick has been formally trained in Word of Mouth marketing. In addition, for the more than seven years, he has studied and implemented tactics and strategies to incorporate LinkedIn into networking activities. The combination of online and offline networking elements is extremely powerful.

Rick is a genuine people connector. He bridges the two worlds of face-to-face networking and online networking. He understands and practices networking like few others do. As a successful entrepreneur, Rick also creates turnkey products that meet today’s demand for tools to increase your business -- QuoteActions, Link Power Now, Rock-IT Referrals, and his YIKES! Workshops. His informative and entertaining live presentations, along with articles, interviews, and podcasts on adding high-end networking to one’s company marketing plan are in high demand.

In addition to his Vistage Chair position and 501 Connections Inc. executive coaching, Rick is one of six members of multimillion dollar Mexican manufacturer Regiomontana de Perfiles y Tubos’ executive board. The Board is charged with the goal to help the owner make a transition from a family-owned business into an enterprise that is listed on the Mexican stock exchange.